This mirror was made because the original site was down.

The TSUKI Representative has vanished due to an incident involving a close friend of his.
While we were in search for him, the site was suddenly taken down.

As for now, the representative has returned, and has supposedly fixed the damage caused by this incident and restored the official site.

This mirror is made from the latest archives from Wayback Machine, so there may be missing resources and pages.

The login and register page are just there because they're aesthetically appealing, do not try to login or register.
The listing has been restored, however any drawings past 3000 are missing, contact me if your drawing is missing and you wish me to put it back.

Credits to Surge and 4000 for providing the missing audio files.
Huge thanks to 4858 (Kneesox) for paying for the domain, and recreating the missing status-fail.png and 5218 (Camo Yoshi) for providing hosting.

As of now a lot of information on this mirror has become outdated.
Please visit the official site for any accurate information about the TSUKI Project.

Thank you for reading this message.